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Common Mistakes in Business Cybersecurity: protect your credibility

In today’s episode of our vlog, we’ll look at the common mistakes business owners make when it comes to cyber security for their business. A cybersecure environment is critical to protecting your data, maintaining your business’s reputation and preventing cyber attacks/hacking.

Let’s see the most common mistakes:

  1. Lack of awareness: many entrepreneurs do not pay adequate attention to cyber security and hackers’ attacks.
  2. Weak Passwords: Using weak passwords is a very common mistake. Choose complex and unique passwords for each account.
  3. Weak Rights Management: many entrepreneurs do not manage access rights properly. It is important to provide only the required access to each employee.
  4. Non-Updated Software: When you don’t update your software you are putting your security at risk, as updates usually contain improvements in this area as well.
  5. Inability to respond to attacks: when a cyber-attack occurs, the lack of a response plan can lead to major losses. You should always have a dedicated partner to protect you from any attack.

A cyber-secure environment is not a luxury, but a necessity for your business. Uninterrupted cybersecurity assurance is critical to maintaining the credibility of your business.

If you are experiencing any cyber security issues or would like us to take over the entire cyber security of your business, we are here to help you.

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Thank you for watching our vlog, and we look forward to working with you to protect your business in the cyber-secure world.