OBS Germany GmbH

We accept contactless card payments directly from the I-EAT App, SambaPos and QR-Service without the use of a terminal.

Open a Viva Wallet Business Account online & create your Digital Debit Mastercard.

Business Account
Create your local IBAN-enabled account online & start accepting payments with next-day settlement.


Learn More Button (linking to Viva Wallet’s site https://www.vivawallet.com/merchant-account )

Use your Viva Wallet Digital Debit Card to pay for your business expenses.

Receive an Account Dashboard to manage your account & corporate expenses with ease.


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Start to earn back your acceptance fees to 0%, with the money credited into your Viva Wallet Account.

Receive notifications, access your accounts & view transactions in real-time via your device.


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Viva Wallet Checkout

Offer your customers direct payment acceptance links through all our applications with just a single click!

Empower your customers to settle their invoices and outstanding balances using their preferred payment method.

Gain their ultimate trust and satisfaction with the seamless transaction experience provided by Viva Wallet Smart Checkout.